Any city can become the setting for an adventure where you are the real hero. Discover original tales and solve enigmas as you explore the city in a game scenario.
WHAIWHAI is a project of LOG607

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WHAIWHAI is the brand new city exploring experience thanks to its perfect mix of game, stories and places with a simple and effective interactive approach. If you want to get more from one of WHAIWHAI cities just go there with the right book, your mobile phone (you just need to send and receive few text messagse/sms to play) and plenty of curiosity. On WHAIWHAI site you can find all the information you need plus some videos that will show you how it works. The best way to understand WHAIWHAI is playing!

WHAIWHAI is an idea of Fabio Salvadori (NOT A NUM) and Tomas Barazza (LOG607). WHAIWHAI has been part of Fabio’s life for the last 5 years so he worked on every aspect of the project (concept, design, all technical stuff, organization, writing).

WHAIWHAI is a project owned and managed by LOG607